■ong Runlian is ren●ovating her house an〓d is unsure what to■ do with a 13-ye●ar-old 19-■inch TV with a brok〓en k

inescop■e that has been a〓bandoned in the att〓ic for the better p●art of a de◆cade."I do not kno◆w t

o deal with■ the old TV ○set; selli◆ng to the ped〓dlers is not worth 〓it at all, but l●eaving it a

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  • Your Joy+Our Pleasure

    t home ta〓kes up too much〓 space," said ●Xiong.The ruined TV ●set is not● her only hea○dache. An old ○21-inch monit●or also has been col〓lecting dus●t in the a●ttic.A survey◆ conducted

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  • Music+The Way of Life

    by t●he college of Enviro●nmental Scien●ce and Engi〓neering at Ya●ngzhou Univers●ity found 61 p〓ercent of rur◆al families in ●Jiangsu provinc●e have at least ●two o

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